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Relationships are built on a lot of things apart from love. It has its roots in trust, honesty, respect, and space to name a few. While love keeps the passion alive, these other aspects keep your relationship grounded, stable, and peaceful. They are the pillars of love and healthy relationships. However, once jealousy erodes trust and respect, it does not take long to have a fallout resulting in emotional abuse.

Knowing and understanding how to not be jealous in a relationship is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. If you really want to have a meaningful relationship with your partner, overcoming jealousy is a must! Here’s how you can do it:

How to Overcome Jealousy?

If you allow envy to fester, it will harm your relationship. Understanding jealousy in relationships requires being truthful with both yourself and your spouse. Get to the root of your jealousy and change the nature of your relationship.

1.   Honesty is the Best Policy, Voice Your Concern!

It is impossible to remedy a problem if it is not acknowledged. Be honest rather than pretending you aren’t jealous or that your jealousy isn’t a problem. It may be tough to admit the troubles that your jealousy is producing, but take solace in the fact that you are taking the first step toward a healthy relationship. If you’re afraid of expressing your jealousy, realize that it’s quite natural. Your partner may also have experienced jealousy at some time in the relationship.

2.   Realize the Root of Your Problem

Instead of overtly suppressing jealousy, try to understand it first. What issue is jealousy seeking to solve? Working backward from there will assist you in determining how to quit being envious. By getting to the root of the problem, you may treat it and achieve long-term relief.

Consider your envy as a possible remedy. Jealousy or any other hurdle in a relationship is a window through which we may see the truth. Humans feel intense emotion, which is a source of both our greatest joys and our worst sorrows. We designed these emotions for a reason: they are there to inform us.

3.   Know Your Insecurities

The first step in learning how to stop jealousy is to examine yourself. What insecurities are fueling your jealousy? Are you self-conscious because you strive for perfection? Do you make comparisons with others? You’re not writing this list to put yourself down – you’re owning your part in the relationship.

4.   Build Your Self-Confidence

Make a note of the insecurities that are causing your jealousy and then write down a remedy for each one. If you’re living in the shadow of your spouse’s ex, compile a list of all the characteristics your lover admires in you. Unfollow celebrities on Instagram for a week if you are constantly comparing yourself to them. Giving yourself space from thoughts of inadequacy can allow you to acquire the self-confidence needed to overcome jealousy.

5.   Build Healthy Coping Mechanisms

It might be difficult to overcome jealousy in relations if you don’t have healthy ways of communicating. If your spouse isn’t giving you a reason to be paranoid or jealous, it’s up to you to control the root of your jealousy. Realize that you don’t need jealousy; you’re simply accustomed to it. Self-care is important for your physical, emotional, and mental wellness. When good coping methods are prioritized, they become the norm and can eventually replace envy.


Strengthening your trust and communicating is the key to a healthy relationship. However, if you feel you need more support and help to fully heal and let go of your paranoid feelings, you can always seek a life and relationship coach like one from New Jersey Life Coaching to get better and live a healthier life every day.

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