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Life coaching is effective because it keeps you accountable and motivated. A life coach can also give you the insight you haven’t considered, especially if they’re an expert in their field.

One research study decided to compare people whose goal was to procrastinate less. They viewed how successful they were in achieving their goals with a life coach versus solo. 

The results were remarkable, showing that clients followed through with their goals more with a coach’s help. It clarified that a coach’s motivational leadership skills could help boost your success. 

Another way life coaching can be effective is if they’re the main person supporting your dream. For example, you might want a coach to help you launch a new entrepreneurial endeavor. But maybe your family and friends aren’t so supportive.

A life coach can help you overcome any discouragement you feel by giving you both positive support and strategy. Unlike a friend, they also have an unbiased perspective to help you identify your needs and pain points.

One major difference between a life coach and a friend is their objectivity. Your friends and family might feel biased when you ask them for guidance. Or, they may not be sincere if they don’t want to hurt your feelings in any way.

That’s where a life coach comes in. They give you an outsider’s perspective on your issue and offer honest advice to tackle any problems.

Finally, a life coach can see all your problems in tandem. If you come to them in search of a career change, they might notice how your negative self-talk and finances impact that as well. By helping you tackle problems in every area of your life, they succeed at making you achieve overall greater fulfillment.